Parish Councillors:

R J W Goodliffe                       Chairman             Council compliance

S Green                                                              

G S Cox                               vice-Chairman         (sub)    SAM sign                                                           

W M Goreham                                             SNAP –  SAM sign – defibrillator – MUGA

G Carr

A Witham

R Reeve

Clerk to the Council:   Martin K Campbell

Tel:  01263 834551     E-mail:  [email protected]

North Norfolk District Councillor        John Toye

Norfolk County Councillor:   Saul Penfold

[email protected]

Direct Dial: 01692 407303 or 01603 729253

The Parish Council meets usually on the second Wednesday of alternate months.  Our Clerk is Martin Campbell (tel 834551). Formal Notice of meetings, list of Councillors, and Minutes are posted on the notice board outside the Village Hall.  Notice of meetings and summary of minutes are given in Keeping in Touch.  A report is submitted to the North Norfolk News following each meeting.

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